Welcome to Klubportal – an innovative platform that offers top technology for your club! With our web system, AI cameras and online TV channel, your club will become a center of entertainment and interaction for members and visitors.

Our web system allows you to easily and quickly manage your club – table reservations, member records, event organization, promotion and ticket sales, all in one place. Also, our system offers advanced analytical tools that will help you better understand the needs of your members and visitors.

Our AI cameras use advanced facial and movement recognition technologies, which enables monitoring of visitors in real time and prevention of unwanted events. Also, the cameras provide high-quality video that will help you analyze your business.

Finally, our online TV channel allows you to broadcast events from your club live, be it concerts, sports matches or other events. Thus, your club members will be able to participate in events even if they are not in the club.

Join Klubportal and improve your club’s business!

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