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Ready to take your football club to the next level? Join Klubportal today and unlock a world of digital possibilities for your team. Elevate your online presence, engage your fans, and streamline your operations with our comprehensive suite of services. Let's kick off a new era for your club together!


Klubportal web app can help your club to build a powerful club website and connect with your fans, players, and coaches.

Klubportal CMS offers several advantages over Facebook for running club websites and managing sports clubs.

Klubportal CMS offers several advantages over Facebook for running club websites and managing sports clubs.

Here are the key benefits:

  • ¬†Automatic Update of Results and Rankings
    Klubportal CMS automatically updates match results, player rankings and scorers’ lists, which ensures that the club’s website is always up to date without the need for manual data entry.
  • ¬†Comprehensive Solution for Club Management
    Klubportal CMS is a complete solution that enables clubs to create and maintain professional websites, manage teams, training and match schedules, and integrate sponsors and ads.

  • Integration of Social Networks
    The platform enables connection to social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, which improves the club’s social engagement and visibility.

  • Ease of Use
    Clubportal CMS is designed with an easy-to-use user interface, allowing clubs to focus on the game while the platform manages the data.

  • Additional Functionality
    Klubportal CMS offers additional functionalities such as photo galleries, data privacy, management of ads and sponsors, and the possibility of live broadcasting without the need for a cameraman.

  • Professional Website
    Unlike Facebook, Klubportal CMS allows clubs to have a professional website that serves as a virtual business card, representing the club and providing a platform for sharing information, engaging fans and attracting sponsors.

  • Monetization of Content
    Klubportal CMS allows clubs to monetize their live broadcasts and other digital content, thereby increasing the club’s revenue.

  • Adaptability and Flexibility
    The platform offers customizable websites and feature-rich apps that can be tailored to the specific needs of each club, whether it’s an amateur or professional team.

How does it work?

Klub Web & App all in one


Hosted service: Klubportal provides hosting services with a focus on reliability, availability and security.

Web designer

There is no need for internal IT and a web designer - Klubportal takes care of all your needs!


The person in charge of the website can use a web browser to do everything, even on phones and tablets!


This comprehensive service only requires the club to own a web domain - simple and convenient!


Our server application is based on a microservices architecture, providing scalability and flexibility for your club needs.


Our platform is fully adaptable to different devices, including computers and mobile devices. It is also accessible to users with screen readers and tools for the visually impaired, providing accessibility for all.


No need to update the app - it updates itself to always give you the latest version!


We have different modules that any club can add to their monthly subscription.

KlubPortal is a leading digital solution

Football clubs, take action now to make your club better! Use good plans to achieve greater success. Remember, growing your club takes time and hard work. Try new things and take safe risks. With the right mindset, any problem can become a chance to improve. Believe in yourselves and your team and never give up on dreams. Let's work together to lead the way in football!

Easy to use

Use Klubportal CMS to manage your club's website without knowing how to program. It's simple!

Assist your club to make more money.

Use Klubportal to find more sponsors and partners. It can help you reach more people, and get more advertising partners and sponsors.

Results, tables and scorers list are updated automatically.

All results are automatically updated on the club’s website, including the results of all teams. Save time and always be up to date. Share results, tables and scorers list on social networks and give your fans the chance to share them via WhatsApp and Viber. Your website is updated without programming knowledge.

results, fixtures, rankings automatically updated
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Our platform offers an extensive set of tools

KlubPortal is a leading digital solution for football clubs that want to improve their management and operations.

Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including a website and mobile apps, live streaming capabilities, real-time score and stats updates, social media links, and revenue generation capabilities.

With KlubPortal you can simplify the management of your club and keep your fans up to date with everything about football. Whether you are a club administrator, player, coach or fan, KlubPortal is the ideal solution for improving the performance and experience of your club.

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