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Website & app in one for football clubs

Football clubs need a website to stay up-to-date in today's world. A club website is better than just using Facebook. Klubportal offers more than just a website.

Klubportal web app can help your club to build a powerful online presence and connect with your fans, players, and coaches.

Here are some of the benefits of using Klubportal web app that you can mention to the club president:

  • Build a powerful online presence: Klubportal web app makes it easy for clubs to create a professional-looking website and app. This can help clubs to connect with their fans, players, and coaches, and to promote their club to a wider audience.
  • Connect with fans, players, and coaches: Klubportal web app provides a number of features that can help clubs to connect with their fans, players, and coaches. These features include a news feed, a forum, and a messaging system.
  • Promote your club: Klubportal web app can help clubs to promote their club to a wider audience. This can be done through the website and app, as well as through Klubportal’s advertising platform.
  • Increased visibility: Klubportal web app can help clubs to increase their visibility online. This can be done by making it easier for fans, players, and coaches to find the club’s website and app.
  • Improved communication: Klubportal web app can help clubs to improve communication with their fans, players, and coaches. This can be done through the news feed, forum, and messaging system.
  • Enhanced engagement: Klubportal web app can help clubs to enhance engagement with their fans, players, and coaches. This can be done by providing a platform for fans to interact with each other, and by providing coaches and players with a way to communicate with the club’s management.
  • Improved efficiency: Klubportal web app can help clubs to improve efficiency. This can be done by providing a central platform for clubs to manage their website and app, and by providing tools to help clubs manage their finances and operations.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Klubportal web app is a cost-effective way for clubs to build a powerful online presence. Klubportal’s pricing is based on the number of users, so clubs only pay for the features they need.

KWA features

Club news
Club news

Get the latest news and updates on everything happening in the club! Stay informed with all the latest information.

Club website menu

Make pages and subpages for your club, including About, History, Contacts, Statutes, and any other pages you want!

club photo gallery

Add your favorite pictures and videos from YouTube or Klubportal.tv to the gallery! Add pictures in your news and post!

team website

Each team has its own scores, rankings and lists of top scorers, as well as descriptions of their matches!

Klub web app next game

This is a tool that can create announcements and reports for you without the need to do it manually. You can also share them on social media easily.

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Game reports

This is a summary of a match report that provides live updates and corrections regarding scores and match times. It uses data from Comet or clubs.

scorer list

We will update the scores, rankings, top scorers, and match summaries automatically!

Online training schedule

List of upcoming events – Online schedule for training, games, tournaments and more.

football club contact us

Get all the contacts in one place – players and parents included!

Membership fees
Membership fees.

Pay your membership fees securely using the Gateway. You can also use the club’s mobile app to make payments.

Player profile

Player profile with information about a player. You can find stats, goals, and other details about their matches.

Online training dates
Coach profiles

Show off your skills and experience in a creative trainer profile and resume.

chat, smartphone-
Club chat

This is a tool for coaches, players, and parents to stay connected and organize everything in one place.

no coding
No coding required

You can easily manage your club website even if you don’t have technical expertise!

social network
Social networks

You can link to social media and quickly share news about your club on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

football club sponsors
Ads & sponsors

Take charge of your advertisements and sponsors, and earn money from your club's website.

How does it work?

Klub Web & App all in one


Hosted service: Klubportal provides hosting services with a focus on reliability, availability and security.

Web designer

There is no need for internal IT and a web designer - Klubportal takes care of all your needs!


The person in charge of the website can use a web browser to do everything, even on phones and tablets!


This comprehensive service only requires the club to own a web domain - simple and convenient!


Our server application is based on a microservices architecture, providing scalability and flexibility for your club needs.


Our platform is fully adaptable to different devices, including computers and mobile devices. It is also accessible to users with screen readers and tools for the visually impaired, providing accessibility for all.


PWA (Progressive Web App) - A club mobile application that can be used on mobile devices without the need to install through the Apple/Google app store.


The application works even without an Internet connection - it allows you to access functionalities and content even when you are not connected to the Internet.


No need to update the app - it updates itself to always give you the latest version!


We have different modules that any club can add to their monthly subscription.


Take care of your club members using the internet. You can oversee the information of your team's players, coaches, parents, and supporters.

Push notifications

Engage your web app's users with push notifications. PWAs support push notifications. Can perform periodic updates even when the application is not running.

Benefits for non-professional
sports teams

Some sports clubs can't afford to make a website. But having one is important to get sponsors and members. Klubportal helps clubs make money from ads or sponsors. Our KWA makes sure everyone can see the data.

KlubPortal is a leading digital solution

Football clubs, take action now to make your club better! Use good plans to achieve greater success. Remember, growing your club takes time and hard work. Try new things and take safe risks. With the right mindset, any problem can become a chance to improve. Believe in yourselves and your team and never give up on dreams. Let's work together to lead the way in football!

Easy to use

Use KWA to manage your club's website without knowing how to program. It's simple!

Assist your club to make more money.

Use Klubportal to find more sponsors and partners. It can help you reach more people, and get more advertising partners and sponsors.

Find new people to join your club.

Connect your website to social media to automatically share any updates about your club.

Results, tables and scorers list are updated automatically.

All results are automatically updated on the club’s website, including the results of all teams. Save time and always be up to date. Share results, tables and scorers list on social networks and give your fans the chance to share them via WhatsApp and Viber. Your website is updated without programming knowledge.

results, fixtures, rankings automatically updated

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