Great scandal

The Great Website Scandal Football Clubs Flock to Klubportal for Instant Online Presence! The solution In a shocking turn of events, football clubs around the world have found themselves in the midst of a website scandal. With outdated or non-existent websites, these clubs were left in the dark ages of digital presence, struggling to connect […]

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Klubportal Klubportal Web App Contact us for more information At Klubportal, we offer a comprehensive and user-friendly platform called KWA designed exclusively for football clubs. Whether you’re a grassroots team or a professional organization, Klubportal provides a range of customizable websites and feature-rich apps to enhance your club’s online presence.#klubportal #nogomet #fussball #football #soccer #fudbal

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The Ultimate Solution for Amateur Football Clubs' Online Presence

Introduction: In today’s digital age, it is crucial for amateur football clubs to have a professional online presence. A website serves as a virtual business card, representing the club and providing a platform for sharing information, engaging with fans, and attracting sponsors. Klubportal offers a comprehensive solution for amateur football clubs, encompassing all the necessary

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Digital Solution for football clubs

Revolutionizing Sport Clubs with our Klub Web App! 💻⚽ Are you ready to take your sport club to the next level? Introducing KlubPortal, the ultimate digital solution designed specifically for sport clubs, now available as a powerful web app! 🚀💼 With KlubPortal’s web app edition, managing your sport club has never been easier. Streamline operations,

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Welcome to Klubportal – an innovative platform that offers top technology for your club! With our web system, AI cameras and online TV channel, your club will become a center of entertainment and interaction for members and visitors. Our web system allows you to easily and quickly manage your club – table reservations, member records,

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jobs at klubportal

Klubportal would be nowhere without its successful sales team. We’re seeking a qualified sales representative to help sell the products and services that our customers rely on. The sales representative will have a strong understanding of the sales process and excel at generating leads, building relationships, and closing deals. The ideal candidate will be a

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