We started Klubportal because we believe that technology can help football clubs of all sizes to improve their operations and connect with their fans in new and innovative ways. We see football clubs as complex organizations that need to manage a wide range of activities, including: Player management: Keeping track of player registrations, contracts, and medical

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the future of sport

Klubportal is a platform that offers a variety of services to help sports clubs manage their activities and improve their performance. The platform includes a content management system (CMS), a mobile app for live streaming, and a tournament and league application. Klubportal also offers a variety of other services, such as financial management tools, player

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rise of the football klubportal

Klubportal Helping Website-less Clubs Achieve Online Glory! read more An exciting story is unfolding in the world of football! Klubportal has played a crucial role in the remarkable rise of website-less clubs, helping them achieve the online glory they have always dreamed of! For a long time, these clubs wandered in the shadows, lacking an

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Great scandal

The Great Website Scandal Football Clubs Flock to Klubportal for Instant Online Presence! The solution In a shocking turn of events, football clubs around the world have found themselves in the midst of a website scandal. With outdated or non-existent websites, these clubs were left in the dark ages of digital presence, struggling to connect

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Central Español - Los Halcones

We show all the games live! Central Spanish vs Los Halcones palermo park Montevideo City Watch Live #elfútbol #Sudamerica #uruguay #argentina #chile #peru #bolivia #montevideo

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Klubportal Klubportal Web App Contact us for more information At Klubportal, we offer a comprehensive and user-friendly platform called KWA designed exclusively for football clubs. Whether you’re a grassroots team or a professional organization, Klubportal provides a range of customizable websites and feature-rich apps to enhance your club’s online presence.#klubportal #nogomet #fussball #football #soccer #fudbal

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The Ultimate Solution for Amateur Football Clubs' Online Presence

Introduction: In today’s digital age, it is crucial for amateur football clubs to have a professional online presence. A website serves as a virtual business card, representing the club and providing a platform for sharing information, engaging with fans, and attracting sponsors. Klubportal offers a comprehensive solution for amateur football clubs, encompassing all the necessary

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Digital Solution for football clubs

Revolutionizing Sport Clubs with our Klub Web App! 💻⚽ Are you ready to take your sport club to the next level? Introducing KlubPortal, the ultimate digital solution designed specifically for sport clubs, now available as a powerful web app! 🚀💼 With KlubPortal’s web app edition, managing your sport club has never been easier. Streamline operations,

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