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  1. Teams Management:
    • Basic Team Information: Allows clubs to input essential details about their teams, including player information.
    • Team Schedule: Facilitates the scheduling and organization of team activities.
    • Subpages for Teams: Provides the option to create subpages for individual teams within the club.


  2. Training Schedule:
    • Enables clubs to manage and display training schedules effectively.


  3. Match Corrections:
    • Offers a feature for correcting match details to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is presented on the website.


  4. Galleries:
    • Allows the creation and management of image galleries, enhancing the visual appeal of the website.


  5. Social Integration:
    • Provides features for linking social media accounts and integrating popular plugins like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to enhance social engagement.


  6. Privacy Policy, Ads, Sponsors:
    • Includes sections for managing privacy policies, advertisements, and sponsors on the website, ensuring compliance and effective monetization strategies.

Klubportal CMS stands out for its user-friendly interface, enabling clubs to update their websites with news, images, team information, and more without the need for specialized knowledge. By leveraging the functionalities offered by Klubportal CMS, clubs can enhance their online presence, engage with fans, and promote their activities effectively, ultimately contributing to the growth and visibility of sports clubs in the digital realm.

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