We provide everything you need to start your own
sports club website.

It has never been easier to manage a sports web site.

Results and league tables

Results and league tables are automatically updated. Possible additional scorer list and match reports. Save time to run the website.


Raise communication to a higher level with tools to help you connect with your supporters, coaches, and parents. Announce news, matches and events at the club! All information available to everyone and every moment!


Get extra revenue with our sponsoring tools. Add all sponsorship information and enable their social networking ads. The ability to sell a banner in the desired time period.

Everything is automatically updated

Results and tables are automatically updated – Do not waste your time on it! Just post events and add a some pictures to your website!

The only website cms for your club.

Klubportal provides you with all the tools you need to create a professional and flexible customized webpage on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Clean and professional design

Top quality web site. Adaptable web site templates without the need for additional IT skills of your administrator.

Design tailored to all devices

Works perfectly on your computer, tablet, and mobile device.

All in one!

A website that allows attracting and retaining players and fans, increasing your income and saving time in running your club. VTake your club as a professional at any time.

What are the benefits of Klubportal?

All information regarding the games played are updated independently. Immediately after the match the results, tables, scorer and match reports are updated. The club web administrator can still add pictures and text.

Your website may be linked to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks. Publish scores and tables across all social networks with a single click. Come to as many people as possible with news and news about your club! Tell mom, grandma, aunt, neighbor, boss, wife, lovers …

On the website you get the advertising space of your sponsors and ads. With existing tools, you can manage your ads and automatically get notification when your sponsored sponsorship ads stand out. Possibility to categorize sponsor (VIP, gold and silver). Make Increase Your Club’s Revenue!

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