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The PRVA ZAGREBAČKA LIGA – SENIORI 23/24 is a testament to the vibrant local football scene in Zagreb, showcasing the passion and dedication of clubs and their supporters. This season, two notable clubs, NK Prigorje Markuševec and NK Botinec, are part of this thrilling competition, both utilizing the Klubportal website management system to engage with fans and manage their club activities.


4-Nogometna-liga Središte-Zagreb-skupina A

The 4. Nogometna liga Središte Zagreb skupina A is a part of the Croatian football league system. It is a regional league that represents the fifth tier of competition. The league consists of various clubs from the Zagreb area, including NK Brezovica and NK Zagreb. The league’s structure and the competition’s schedule are available on platforms like HNS Semafor, which provides a comprehensive list of fixtures, results, and top scorers for the season.

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