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From love for football and sports.

Klubportal is an online platform offering tools and services to help sports clubs manage their activities and improve their performance.

It started as a simple hobby project by a group of football enthusiasts who wanted to make a positive impact on their local community. At first, it was only a way for amateur football clubs to communicate and organize their activities.

As more clubs joined the platform, the founders realized there was a real need for this type of service and began developing Klubportal into a more robust product. Over time, the platform expanded its services to include financial management tools, player recruitment, and performance data analysis. Today, Klubportal serves sports clubs of all levels and has become an essential tool for coaches, managers, and players.

Its success is a testament to the founders’ passion for sports and their dedication to helping others achieve their goals.

"Our process"


"Our research helps us better understand the needs of players, coaches, fans, and parents in the soccer community. We work with clubs to determine what they really want and need."

Idea and concept

We develop unique ideas and concepts that will meet the needs of our clients. We use our experience and knowledge to achieve this. Our ideas and concepts are based on real needs.

Design and production.

We develop innovative and high-quality products for football clubs and their members. We customize each product and service to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Sale and service.

Our team helps customers with our products and keeps helping them to make sure they have a good experience. We care about each customer's unique needs and try to find the best solution for them.

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Top visited websites

Klubportal’s Top-Visited Club Websites

Klubportal’s Top-Visited Club Websites We’re thrilled to announce the most-visited websites of the clubs using Klubportal web applications! 🎉 Pogledaj cijene> Facebook Twitter Youtube HNK

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Mobile cameras

Automated recording Discover KlubPortal’s groundbreaking solution: Mobile Cameras for recording and streaming games hassle-free, no cameraman needed! Capture every moment from every angle with our

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Why We Started Klubportal

We started Klubportal because we believe that technology can help football clubs of all sizes to improve their operations and connect with their fans in

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