Klubportal conceived the project Choice for the most beautiful goal, in order to promote amateur football in the best way. We believe that you do not want the goal of your grandson, granddaughter, daughter, son, friend or girlfriend to remain unremembered, so take your mobile phone in your hands and record!

Eurogoal of the month


How to vote?
You can send us your recordings on the application form (at the bottom of the page) and fill in the data by the 19th of each month, so if your recording, for example, was taken in January, you can send it by February 19th and we will publish them all by 21 in the month of voting. We will conduct the voting on klubportal.com and eurogol.rs Voting for each video starts on the 21st and lasts until the 28th of the month, after which we declare the best ranked video.