Websites for football clubs

We are footballers ourselves and we know the club’s concerns. Therefore, we know very well that the club's website must be simple and visible to everyone. It must not be expensive either, otherwise it would have been made by the nephew of another president, who had an HTML course at the school.

But we also know the possibilities that come with new media - both in the club's external presentation and in the area of online sponsorship. And these possibilities are rarely exhausted.

Our ambition is to change that possibility - to offer clubs the resources they need to optimally appear on the Internet.

Klubportal sites offer a number of exclusive advertising spaces and easy management of sponsorship - and thus completely new advertising opportunities.

Discover a website as a source of revenue. New media. New possibilities. In sponsorship, clubs today rely on the same opportunities as 30 years ago.
The most interesting areas - ie those on the club's website - are in most cases neither sold nor sent to the main sponsors. Almost no club generates significant revenue from its own website.

This has an end to Numerous integrated sponsorships and simple sponsorship management open up many new opportunities - for your club as well as for your sponsors.

Team and player profile. The basics of any good club website are detailed team and player profiles with lots of great features and stats.


You can choose the design - all available in different color combinations, all optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

Current news and match reports can be easily created and provided with various details such as lineup, match report, results and tables and all this automatically. No more hours typing in results and everything else. Save time and concentrate on other content.

Websites are easy to set up and maintain intuitively - and of course without programming knowledge.

Klubportal offers an assortment of high quality websites with everything the heart of a footballer wants:
extensive team and player profiles, news and multimedia games, live ticker, integrated sponsorship management and more - the whole thing is easy to maintain. There are already numerous clubs, from 3 Leagues to County. What about your club?