Klubportal - Offers a tool for creating websites for your football club!


KMS for football club!

  • The site provides a full insight into current events and data on all league appearances of the club, which are automatically updated .
  • The professional design of the site ensures the best possible presentation of the club
  • Overview tables and automatic updating of current data (rankings, match results, scorers list…)

CMS (content management system)

Instead of manual and mechanical processing, it provides an extremely fast and accurate way of processing data based on seven main characteristics that represent a significant improvement over previous systems:

  • CMS (Content management system)
  • Data collection
  • Information storage
  • Information organization
  • Simplicity
  • Communication
  • Data presentation
  • Control


Apart from the fact that our CMS is completely free, it is also adorned with:

  • Uniqueness
  • Adaptability
  • Functionality

Easily fill the page with pictures, texts and news.
You publish the news, pictures and information you want on the site.


CMS adapts the pages to the colors of your club and your language area, exclusively according to your wishes and needs.


With our CMS, with complete ease, you will create pages that are customized to work on all devices.
This gives parents and fans a better overview and information whenever they want, while allowing coaches complete control and publication of schedules and photos, texts and videos during training / matches.


Easily connect your club's website to social networks.


  • The best promotion for your club and sponsors!
  • High page traffic
  • Advertisements of your sponsors on the front and other pages (depending on the package of services)
  • Redirect from your sponsor's logo to their site


  • Promotion, modernization and improvement of sports
  • Enabling easier tracking of results and just running a website for a football club
  • Achieving simplicity and accessibility of websites for all
  • Digitization of the entire football association
  • Enabling coaches, players and parents to communicate better and easier


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