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Klubportal KWA


Elevate Your Football Club with Klubportal

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is more crucial than ever for football clubs. Klubportal’s web app offers an unparalleled solution, enabling clubs to build a powerful website and connect more effectively with fans, players, and coaches. From just €20 per month, unlock a suite of features designed to transform your club’s digital footprint.

Why Choose Klubportal?

Build a Powerful Online Presence:
Easily create a professional-looking website and app that showcases your club’s spirit and achievements. Our user-friendly platform means you don’t need technical expertise to manage your site

Key Features at a Glance:

Live Streaming:
Bring the excitement of match day to fans worldwide with our live streaming service. Never miss a moment of the action


Club Marketing and Advertising:
Monetize your site through ads and sponsorships. Our platform makes it easy to manage advertisements, helping you generate additional revenue


Social Media Integration:
Extend your reach by linking your club’s website to social media platforms. Share news and updates with a broader audience with just a few clicks


No Coding Required:
Our intuitive platform allows you to manage your club’s website effortlessly, regardless of your technical skills




Klubportal Cameras

Automated Live Streaming for Football Games

Elevate your football club’s game day experience with our cutting-edge camera technology that broadcasts live streams without the need for a cameraman. Our automated sports video camera system is designed to provide a seamless and professional live streaming production, perfect for clubs, federations, and broadcasters looking to enhance their audience’s viewing experience.


Introducing KlubPortal

KlubPortal: the ultimate web app for effortlessly managing your club’s website. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity.

With KlubPortal, running your club website has never been easier.

Starts from 20 € per month.

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Klubportal web app

Klubportal web app can help your club to build a powerful online presence and connect with your fans, players, and coaches.

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Why Klubportal?

Make more money with new chances.

Earn more and spend less in your club.

Save time

Don't take too much responsibility because it's a waste of time. Think about working at the club instead.

Results will be updated automatically.
The schedule for training and matches is available online.

Klubportal KWA

Web app
for football clubs

Klubportal is a platform designed to support sports clubs and organizations in various aspects of their administration and communication. It offers tailored solutions for different types of sports clubs, with specific functionalities catering to their unique needs.

The platform is scalable, enabling continuous software development and adaptation to new features. Clubs can start with a small package and then book upgrades as needed

Klubportal provides high-quality websites for football clubs, featuring a self-developed, structurally and programmatically innovative Content Management System (CMS). This allows amateur sports clubs to present themselves with the same level of professionalism as top professional clubs

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