The digital solution for football clubs.

KMS is a web builder and management system for sport clubs. Website & apps for amateur sport clubs. Raise your club to a higher level.

Create your own professional website - for free !

With Klubportal you can create your own professional website - for free ! Its easy to use and no programming skills are required.

Win new sponsors and advertising partners

With Klubportal you win new sponsors and advertising partners. Reach more people and become more attractive to sponsors and advertising partners.

Win new fans and followers.

With Klubportal you win new fans and followers. Connect your club website with your social networks and share all news automatically from your website. All news, standings, results, match days can be shared to several social networks.

With Klubportal - Results, rankings and scorer lists are automatically updated.

All game Stats are updated automatically. But you can still manually enter results, scorer and much more. With our Live ticker your fans are updated in real time with the events on the field. Use our tournament and league app for your events your club organises.

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for sport clubs

Klubportal is the complete digital solution for all amateur sports. With Klubportal, you bring a completely new dynamic to your club, present yourself like the pros, earn money with your own fan shop and the profits from contributions from new advertising partners and sponsors.

Klubportal KMS

Klubportal offers high quality websites for football clubs with everything that a football player's heart desires. With our self-developed, structurally and programmatically innovative Content Management System (CMS), we enable amateur sports to present themselves in a way that is otherwise only reserved for top professional clubs. Clubs can start with the initial package free of charge and then book appropriate upgrades. Due to the scalability of our system, we are able to continuously develop the software and adapt it to new features.

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The advantages for amateur clubs

Many amateur clubs have neither the financial nor the technical means to set up their own internet presence. Due to increasing digitalization, such an appearance is becoming more and more important, even necessary, also to attract sponsors' attention. Klubportal enables clubs to generate income via the online fan shop or through sponsors. The monthly membership fees will be settled within a short time, or the club will even make profits in the short to medium term.

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What to do after the registration?
It's very simple: The Club receive the access data to the new website from Klubportal, where the following information is uploaded according to simple instructions:

- Name of the club
- Upload the club's emblem
- Choose a design from the Klubportal offers
- Enter personal data such as club management
- Coach Name and contacts
- Upload club statutes and club history.

That's all. Results, tables, scorers and reports of all the club's matches are updated automatically.

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The all-in-one solution for sport clubs

  • Latest technologies

  • Always up-to-date

  • Push Notifications

  • No IT skills needed

  • Premium support

  • Save time

  • Role management

  • Mobile-friendly

All features


Klubportal Management System

Live Ticker

Inform your fans live.

Tournament App

Organise tournaments - easy to use


Offer your sponsors advertising space

Member management

Get payments from your members

Finances online

Get control over your club revenue


Collect Donations Online

Generate Schedules

Autogenerate automatically and manually!

Notifications and reminders.

Inform your members over the club chat or by mail, whatsapp and viber

Online registration form

Online registration for players and members

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    Latest news from Klubportal.

    Get the latest news regarding our projects, clubs, partners and much more!

    18Jan 2022

    KMS is the digital solution for sports clubs.

    Empowering every sports clubs worldwide with a digital identity, by usinig our high tech platform.

    18Feb 2022
    prati i glasaj

    Eurogol Serbia starts now!

    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and join our competition Eurogol of the month!

    25Jan 2022
    automatically-updated webites

    No worries with KMS for football clubs

    Klubportal offers an assortment of high quality websites with everything the heart of a footballer wants.

    • I am contacting you on behalf of the NK Perkovci club. We really have all the praise for the website you made for us! It's so easy to publish, and everything is clear and accessible to everyone! We hope for further cooperation!

      Mislav FunarićNK Perkovci

    • We have been using the club portal for years and are very satisfied. Everything is clear and easy to use.

      Dejan PopovicNK Prigorje Markusevec

    • HNK TOMISLAV Tomislavgrad thanks Klubportal so far
      Cooperation. We will especially emphasize easy communication in achieving common
      goals. We are very pleased with our website and look forward to continuing
      successful cooperation, which we believe is in the common interest.

      Ilija BagaricHNK TOMISLAV Tomislavgrad

    • Thanks Klubportal for successful cooperation and contribution to the development of the club.

      Amer HajdarovicNK Kljuc

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