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Easy way to run a club website

KWA _ Klub Web App

The ultimate digital solution for football clubs.
Klubportal is a content management system (CMS) that allows clubs to easily create, manage, and share content on their website and social media channels. With Klubportal, clubs can post news, match reports, photos, videos, and other content with just a few clicks.

 KMS: Our proprietary KMS system for sports clubs is designed to make it easy for you to manage and publish content on your website. With intuitive tools and a user-friendly interface, you can quickly create and edit pages, news and other content.

Live without a camera man

Cameras and apps for live broadcasting games

Experience the excitement of live football matches with our high-quality service. Never miss a match. A complete solution for broadcasting live sports matches.

Our high quality cameras are ideal for live streaming of events and activities. Whether it’s broadcasting sporting events, concerts or conferences, our cameras offer exceptional video and audio quality, and are easy to set up and use.


Live streaming for amateur clubs

Make your sports broadcasts with ease using nothing but your phone or tablet. All teams and clubs can use these simple tools to create professional-quality broadcasts complete with graphics and customized features. It’s time to bring your sport into the digital age and start producing live broadcasts on all levels, anywhere you want.

For easy organisation of tournamanets and leagues

Tournament and league applications

Our app helps you manage sports tournaments easily. You can register online, create schedules and see results in real-time. It also helps you keep track of teams and players for a smooth tournament experience.

Why to use Klubportal?

Boost your income with new opportunities.

Earn more and spend less in your club.

Save time

Make sure you don't waste your time by having too many responsibilities. Consider working at the club instead.

Automated update of results
Schedule of training and matches online

Klubportal is a tool that helps manage sports clubs. It makes everyday tasks easier and helps clubs run better. The platform has different features, like a CMS system that makes it easy to update websites, apps for organizing tournaments and managing sports leagues. Klubportal also has live cameras that can be used to broadcast sports events and activities, and apps that make it easy to organize and manage sports events. Using Klubportal can save sports clubs time and money, improve how they work, and make it easier to communicate with members and fans.

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Customer feedback.

Some testmonials

NK Abeceda ZDC

Ante Dokaza

Football club ABCeda sporta has all the praise for Klubportal. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and look forward to new sports activities related to the publication of events on the website and everything related to the club. The club portal is easy to view and search. A big thank you for helping us even in the most difficult moments, when we were left without our secretary, for selflessly taking their precious time and filling the internet space of our site and publishing content for us. They are up-to-date, fast and always available. The football family of Alphabet of Sport

NK Prigorje Markuševec

Dejan Popović

We have been using Klubportal KMS for years and are very satisfied. Everything is clear and easy to use.

HNK TOMISLAV Tomislavgrad

Ilija Bagaric

HNK TOMISLAV Tomislavgrad thanks Klubportal Cooperation so far. We will especially highlight easy communication in achieving common goals. We are very satisfied with our website and look forward to continued successful cooperation, which we believe is in our mutual interest. Nice greetings!

NK Kljuc

Amer Hajdarovic

Thank you to Klubportal for the successful cooperation and contribution to the development of the club in recent years.

DNK Talent Split

Ivan Buljanović

All information related to our club can be followed on the website maintained by the excellent Klubportal. Their system is easy to use. Praise!

NK Turbina Tribalj

Sebastian Knapić

The official website of the club provided by Klubportal meets all our needs and we are very satisfied that through this website we can maintain contact with our fans and parents through news from the club, galleries and schedules of our weekly activities.

Some of our clubs

Our clients use Klubportal to make their sports club work better every day.
They are saving time and money while also communicating better with their club members and fans.


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